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National consensus on the modified Atkins diet

M. Vaccarezza, A. Agustinho, M.J. Alberti, L. Argumedo, M. Armeno, V. Blanco, C. Bouquet, A. Cabrera, R.H. Caraballo, L. Caramuta, A. Cresta, E.S. de Grandis, M.G. DeMartini, C. Díez, M. Diz, C. Dlugoszewski, N. Escobal, H. Ferrero, S. Galicchio, V. Gambarini, B. Gamboni, L. González, S. Guisande, A. Hassan, P. Matarrese, G. Mestre, L. Pesce, V. Ríos, M. Semprino, P. Sosa, M. Toma, R. Viollaz, L. Panico [REV NEUROL 2016;62:371-376] PMID: 27064917 DOI: OPEN ACCESS
Volumen 62 | Number 08 | Nº of views of the article 12.207 | Nº of PDF downloads 864 | Article publication date 16/04/2016
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INTRODUCTION Epilepsy is a chronic disease that affects 0.5-1% of the population. One third of the patients become refractory to antiepileptic drugs. Among the non-pharmacological treatments available, the modified Atkins diet is an effective treatment used since 2003 as another alternative for children and adults with refractory epilepsy. DEVELOPMENT. The Ketogenic Diet National Committee, which depends on the Argentine Society of Pediatric Neurology, elaborated this consensus on the modified Atkins diet, basing itself on a review of the literature and on their clinical experience. This consensus in Spanish explains the different aspects to be taken into account regarding the modified Atkins diet, patient selection, implementation, different controls and adverse effects. Unlike the classic ketogenic diet, the modified Atkins diet is initiated without fasting or hospital stay, nor does it require protein, calorie or fluid restriction, thus improving patient palatability and consequently patient tolerability.

CONCLUSIONS The modified Atkins diet is a useful treatment for patients with intractable epilepsy. The publication of this consensus offers the possibility for new centers to get oriented regarding this diet implementation.
KeywordsConsensusImplementationKetogenic dietModified Atkins dietRefractory epilepsyTreatment CategoriesEpilepsias y síndromes epilépticos
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