Trastorno por déficit de atención/hiperactividad

Discriminatory power of executive functions and of theory of mind in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Rationale for intervention

A. Miranda-Casas, C. Berenguer-Forner, B. Roselló-Miranda, I. Baixauli-Fortea, R. Roselló-Miranda, C. Colomer-Diago [REV NEUROL 2017;64 (Supl. 1):S111-S116] PMID: 28256697 DOI: OPEN ACCESS
Volumen 64 | Number S01 | Nº of views of the article 6.214 | Nº of PDF downloads 741 | Article publication date 24/02/2017
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INTRODUCTION Executive functions and theory of mind (ToM) deficits are present in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Identifying the magnitude of the association between executive functions and ToM is important for understanding the disorder. AIMS. This study adopts a naturalistic evaluation approach to analyze the executive functions versus ToM ability to discriminate between children with ADHD and typically developing children and to identify the degree of association between deficits in the components of executive functions (behavioral regulation and metacognitive) and ToM.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-five children with ADHD and 37 typically developing children-7 to 11 years old, matched in age and intelligence quotient, participated in this study. Parents assessed ToM skills and teachers estimated the executive functions. RESULTS AND

CONCLUSIONS The percentage of children with ADHD classified correctly was higher in the discriminant analysis where the executive functions components were introduced as an independent variable than in the discriminant analysis performed with the ToM. However, a high percentage of children with executive functions deficits had also problems in ToM. Interventions focused on the development of a broad range of executive processes are reviewed.
KeywordsADHDBehavioral regulation indexMetacognitive indexNaturalistic evaluationPsychosocial interventionTheory of mind CategoriesNeuropediatríaNeuropsiquiatría
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