Mild behavioural impairment as an antecedent of dementia: presentation of the diagnostic criteria and the Spanish version of the MBI-C scale for its evaluation

L.F. Agüera-Ortiz, J. López-Álvarez, L. del Nido-Varo, E. Soria García-Rosel, D.A. Pérez-Martínez, Z. Ismail [REV NEUROL 2017;65:327-334] PMID: 28929475 DOI: OPEN ACCESS
Volumen 65 | Number 07 | Nº of views of the article 11.065 | Nº of PDF downloads 1.510 | Article publication date 01/10/2017
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INTRODUCTION Neuropsychiatric symptoms are common in dementia and also in previous stages such as mild cognitive impairment. Their presence is related to greater conversion to dementia in cognitively healthy people or with mild cognitive impairment compared to those who do not suffer them.

AIM An international working group pertaining to the Alzheimer Association has proposed the concept of ‘mild behavioral impairment’ (MBI) to identify patients with mild neuropsychiatric symptoms and normal cognition or mild cognitive impairment and to study the further risk of developing dementia from any cause. A new scale, the Mild Behavioral Impairment-Checklist (MBI-C), has been developed for the assessment of MBI in clinical and research settings. DEVELOPMENT. Data on the greater risk of dementia in the presence of neuropsychiatric symptoms are shown to justify the development of the new concept of MBI, improving the previous attempts of categorization of these states. Diagnostic criteria of MBI and the process of creation of the MBI-C scale are described. The Spanish version is presented in this article. Finally, the next steps in the investigation of the concept and measurement of MBI and its future prospects are suggested.

CONCLUSIONS The new MBI criteria and their measurement using the MBI-C scale are promising for a better and earlier identification of patients at risk of developing dementia and as an aid to investigate the underlying neurodegenerative processes.
KeywordsAlzheimer’s diseaseDementiaMBI-ChecklistMild behavioral impairmentMild cognitive impairmentNeuropsychiatric symptomsPsychological and behavioral symptoms CategoriesCalidad, Gestión y Organización AsistencialDemenciaNeurodegeneraciónNeuropsiquiatría
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